seaweed sway

by hjemmelavede

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released February 13, 2011

recorded by jennifer williams




hjemmelavede Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: beetroot blossom
seaweed sway
and i can't keep my eyes away
so beetroots blossom
in light pink on my cheeks

and i'm lucky to have
this long walk home
so i may sew
this smile to my teeth bones
Track Name: ladyfingers
someone has poured cups of warm
water on my collar bone
it drips and collects on the tips of my toes
the seaweed drifts thick at the mouth of the cove,
the mouth of the cove

he stands alone, backed in the corner
rubbing your scent from his nose
well you've got your fair share of ladyfingers
tracing the lip of your trousers
it's not in my powers
to keep you here
Track Name: cotton field
six whole feet of this sparsely spotted kitty cat
has cleared away the cotton field
just to find the path to my empty lap
and that's my bird-boned hand on his auburn crown
he knows it don't take much to keep me hanging around

i wouldn't worry if i were you
because your little belly is so becoming through and through
and is quite the reminder of your never ending charms
cause it's not like you ever had to try all that hard

and so we applause, applause the strength of your claws
and the gleam of your teeth for felling birds out of the trees
their feathers are falling as easily as leaves
i wouldn't say i'm hungry, but honey,
i sure could eat
Track Name: hand incantations
do you know the weight
of the sound you make
when you rub your hand
across your hardly haired cheek?
i'm reminded in warm rooms that sing to me
that given the opportunity
will walk through doors
and over hardwood floors
just to get a look at me
they've got the muddiest
of barefeet

any incantions we spread over our hands
are bound less to us and more to the land
it can set us loose if we so choose